March 2023

CLI-C Global

The multimedia content for CLI-C GLOBAL 2023 will be available to the registered attendees in April 2023.

our strengths

Let's go live!

Webinar &
Live Streaming direction

Online and Hybrid events are the new standard for reaching a large audience around the world. We manage live broadcasting and technical direction with modern platforms and highly trained staff.

Event identity,
design & communication

According to your aim, our team develop a unique style to make your event highly recognizable. The style will be reflected in both online and offline communication, as well as in the set-up of the event.

Logistics &

Setting up the location and coordinating with suppliers are finely orchestrated so that everything is ready at the right time. We calculate and consider possible contingencies in advance.

Problem solving &
technical support

Even the most meticulous organization cannot prevent all contingencies. Our team is there to solve problems, give assistance, and make timely decisions at critical moments.